Round Mirror Round-Up

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As minimalist/modern design has become all the rage in the design world, the large round mirror has secured its spot as staple wall decor item in any min/mod design scheme! I scoured one of my absolute favorite spots to snag great furniture and decor, Wayfair, for some great affordable round options!

The Black Frame

What is more sleek than a black frame? Now typically you’d think metal but I actually purchased this Hub Black Mirror from Wayfair for another project and guess what?! The frame is actually rubber! You really wouldn’t know unless you’re staring right at it up close but it does make it not as heavy as a metal frame which I’m a huge fan of. Because, hanging. They have 2 sizes to choose from and the really big one is 37” in diameter and only $150!

If you do want a true metal frame, I recommend this Carmelita Round Mirror from Wayfair which is 30” round and around $215.

And to give you a 3rd material option, this 36” round black painted wood mirror from Wayfair is another budget-friendly pick.

The Wood Frame

Want to add a touch of rustic/warmth to your design? This Booker Round Wood Wall Mirror from Wayfair is THE way to do it! It’s a little pricier than some others at $430 but… it’s 48” in diameter. So instead of having to buy several different things to fill the wall, this baby will take up a LOT of visual space and definitely add impact. The tone of the wood is gorgeous and such a great statement piece.

The Brass/Gold Metal Frame

I know some of you out there associate gold with being gaudy. Well, newsflash: It’s not, when done right. It’s quite the opposite- chic AF. Check out this Alexandria Gold Metal Frame mirror from Wayfair for around $350.


This other Minerva Accent Mirror from Wayfair also caught my eye. I love the little hanging notch detail at the top and it’s 36” in diameter so it’s a really substantial size AND it’s on sale right now for $170! Forewarning, it does have a beveled edge and the rubbed bronze metal which isn’t a bad thing but does give this a slightly more traditional appearance, but I know all of us don’t live in a clean, modern box of a home so I wanted to make sure we had some options thrown in that work for a variety of design schemes!

The Silver Frame

(But they both also have black and gold options!)

This Needville Mirror from Wayfair is amazing. Not only does it come in silver, black and gold, but it offers multiple sizes ranging from 24” - 48” in diameter, with the price ranging from $116-$370 for the largest. Hellz-to-the-yeah. The fact that you have all the size and color options literally makes it the perfect piece for anywhere you could use a round mirror in your home. This is sure to make a bath upgrade look really sleek and modern.

Last but certainly not least, check out this Barton Round Mirror from Wayfair. It comes in Silver, Black and Gold and diameter options from 24”- 48” and price only $112-$250! Love the small notch faux hanging detail on the top and the fact that you can pick the exact color/size you need. I am really feeling this one for an entryway!

Which is your favorite? Thanks for stopping by ‘round here (see…see what I did there).