Hello and Welcome to WKNDR!

Hellllllllo y'all. It's official. I'm blogging. You know that thing I have threatened to do for, like, ever but never could find the time to properly execute? Well, I have been setting things up for MONTHS to be able to do this and have been gathering together content and having little baby panic attacks about how much of my personal life to actually dive into on here. Despite my hesitations to get personal, I keep reverting back to the idea that I like to keep it real and my life motto is "Make Your Mess Your Message"... So, now you have something to look forward to, my mess. YAY! [screaming internally] My highs and lows will all be shared and throughout different posts I will take you on the journey of the past few years and how I got here.

So, What is WKNDR Design? And what exactly do I do? Head over to OUR STORY page for some more info on that, but here's a good recap:
My name is Becky Seager. At the end of 2014 and after about a decade in corporate America, I started a company called Reclaimed Goods in conjunction with my significant other at the time. We were designing custom pieces of furniture/decor and creating them for customers all across the country. Seeing as my boyfriend was the builder, this appeared to be a match made in heaven. Until... it wasn't anymore. I will probably get into this later in another blog post after a few glasses of wine, but for now I'm super sober so I am just going to leave it at that. So in 2016, I hit a crossroad. I either needed to continue the business all by myself after losing my builder aka boyfriend, or give up on my dream. Spolier Alert: I did WHATEVER it took to keep Reclaimed Goods and my dream alive (more on this later, too), and I am so glad I did. I have spent the past year and a half rebuilding the business on my own and I just completed one of my largest design and build projects to-date with the help of another extremely skilled builder. Yes, I am proud of myself and so happy to continue my 'dream job.' But now it's time for me to jump back into the deep end and take my business a direction that I always hoped it would go! 

For anyone interested, what Reclaimed Goods did will remain. Meaning, we are still taking on custom furniture projects. I have a huge passion for creating and assisting with building and finishing of pieces. I've traded in my stilettos for paint-stained sneakers and torn up tees, and I couldn't be happier. Plus, I think it's a cool added value to be able to create a custom piece for a client when designing a space. The "we" in this whole process refers to the skilled builders who help execute all of the awesome projects that we do. There's no "I" in woodworking...Wait, try again. There's no "I" in build... Nope, still not there. There's no "I" in Becky. Ah, yes. There we have it. It takes a village to keep me and my business going, and I am so pumped to share the expertise of my team with you all.

WKNDR Design is the combination of all of the things I love. So here is what WKNDR is and what we do, in a nutshell:

  • Design and decorating services. I am not a licensed interior designer, but I do have a great eye, an insane amount of passion, a wealth of experience, and a fantastic team of skilled builders and renovators and we would love to help you out with your next project! We also do both commercial and residential and we are happy to travel for large-scale work. Our normal home bases are Charlottesville, VA and Rockport, MA, but we enjoy jetsetting. And your design project can be as small as decorating an entryway, picking the perfect furnishings for a living room, or as big as renovating a whole space. My goals when working with a client are simple- be cognizant of the budget and give realistic expectations, work together to develop a plan for the space that's focused on combining style and functionality, and make the end goal creating your happy place! The kind of place you would want to go on a getaway to spend a weekend in. Ahhhh, now you get it. This is where the name WKNDR comes into play.


  • AirBnB and vacation rental maximization. I have been a Superhost on AirBnB for 3+ years. For those of your who are unfamiliar with AirBnB, it is similar to VRBO and Homeaway and a fantastic community that I am proud to be a part of. Hosting has been a great source of supplemental income and also another full-time job. I have learned the ins-and-outs of how to appeal to your target rental market and maximize the space for the highest possible profit. My services for vacation rentals can be as simple as helping you redesign/decorate the space to increase bookings or as large scale as handing over the whole playbook on how to be a successful host and setting it all up for you. I have figured out every single detail on how to turn your home into a luxury boutique hotel for guests and am excited to share that with my clients!


  • Lifetsyle | Travel | My Favorite Things - Now this is something I am super excited about. I will now have a platform to share all of my happy places and happy spaces with you all! Whether it's a new adorable doormat from Target, a place to visit or stay, a home decorating tip or DIY, I am pumped to have a blog to give you guys my thoughts. I spend W A Y too much time researching all of this stuff and finding the best bang-for-my-buck everywhere I go, so please just let me do all the countless hours of research and then you can reap the benefits!


Over the next few weeks, I will be adding things to the site, probably getting an actual logo, blah blah blah- and doing a bunch of background stuff to hopefully enhance your experience when you pay a visit. I will be introducing you to my life, some of the people in it, the places I live, and some recent design projects and my favorite things. We will laugh. We will cry. We will design and decorate. We will weekend somewhere fun. We will keep it real and I will bring you on this journey in small business ownership as a #girlboss.

Thank you for stopping by, for the support, and I welcome feedback!