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We give you options; E-Design to meet your needs & budget

E-Design is an accessible and affordable form of interior design that's carried out remotely via phone/text, email and a client portal that helps streamline communication between client and designer.  E-Design gives you an opportunity to transform the look of your space all while being mindful of your time and budget. WKNDR Design gives you options when it comes to your E-Design package: Basic $149 E-Design or Custom E-Design Packages


What is $149 Basic E-Design?

This is our most affordable E-Design package, where the client can provide as much or as little information as they wish. When you sign up for the $149 Basic E-Design Package, WKNDR Design will then create a design board that shows you the overall look of the space and will provide you with links and options to purchase.

Basic E-Design is great for those who just need some direction on style with their room and would like to purchase some pieces directly through links but may also prefer to find some pieces on their own or build their space over time for financial reasons.

Pros of $149 Basic E-Design:

  • Cost-effective. Each room only costs $149!

  • Quick completion time (typically under 1 week)

  • Great for those who want general direction and inspiration to design their space

  • Links to purchase specific items included and multiple options given*

  • Perfect for anyone who wants a hands-off approach and would like to just click and buy each piece to complete a room

Please note that Basic E-Design does not take dimensions of your space and floor plan into as much consideration as Custom E-Design does.

Purchase your Basic E-Design package now and we will e-mail you the link to the design questionnaire to start the process!

$149 Basic E-Design Package
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What is Custom E-Design?

Custom E-Design is tailored to your needs! Like having a designer with you every step of the way, but from the comfort of your own home, on your time, and with your budget in mind. Simply fill out the form below and we will send you a questionnaire to complete to begin the process. Prefer to have a phone conversation first? No problem! Just select “Phone” for preferred method of contact and we will schedule a brief call.

Custom E-Design Inquiry

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Now is a great time to tell us a bit about your potential project!

WKNDR Design will send you a quote for the project within 48 hours once the initial consultation or questionnaire have been completed. Prices start at $175 for some small sprucing up but E-Design quotes never exceed $800 for any room project!

Pros of Custom E-Design Packages:

  • Packages are 100% tailored to your needs

  • Unlimited direct communication available through the design portal

  • Should the client wish to have changes made, client will be provided with 2 free revisions of the design board based on communication

  • We aim to fully complete all E-Design projects in 30 days or less. Two-week turnaround times are possible with great communication!

Aside from those tangible items, you can also expect excellent customer service and prompt communication. Let's have some fun working together!


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*Some links to products may be "affiliate links" - WKNDR Design has partnered up with several retailers where we receive a small percentage commission on each sale. At the end of the day, this never dictates the products we recommend in the design! We will never compromise on quality or the end result just for a few extra bucks in commission. That's just not how we do business!