The One Thing You Need From Amazon RN (and will get, like, tomorrow. Because, Amazon.) And It Will Change Your LIFE!

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If you think this post title is dramatic, that’s because I am talking about sleep, so it is! I have sleep issues. Like, boatloads of them. So a comfy bed is essential. And back in 2015 I set out to find the perfect new mattress. I was also starting a new small business at that time so I was working off of a budget that was much more commensurate with purchasing a dog bed at HomeGoods. So I did what any gal with a computer does- took to the interwebs to see what the consensus was on the most comfortable and affordable mattress. After my deep dive into info and reading approximately 1 billion reviews on Amazon, I came to a scary realization: I was going to purchase a memory foam mattress off of the internet. I clicked. I ordered. And in the time it takes to say I LOVE AMAZON PRIME, I had my brand new Best Price 10" Memory Foam Mattress delivered to my doorstep.

Turns out that my research paid off because OH MY STARS, this mattress is HEAVENLY. During my research I also saw some insider info that this brand *may* be the generic brand that other big companies purchase and then slap their fancy label (and a hefty price tag) on. And I definitely believe it.

Since 2015 when I purchased my first Best Price mattress, I am now the proud owner of 23 of these guys. I know. That’s an excessive amount of mattresses for someone to own and no, I don’t run a brothel, but there’s probably some internal joke within the company about such whenever they see my name on yet another order. I just loved this mattress so much that I outfitted all of my AirBnB rental properties with them, too! And every other week I get the same message from guests: “Hey Becky- we LOVED our stay, thanks again! Everyone in our group is wondering where we can buy those mattresses? We all can’t stop talking about how comfy they are!” I have now gotten countless friends and fam switched to these mattresses, too, and I am happy to continue running around and preaching the good word on these thangs.

I could go on and on about how wonderful this amazing memory foam is but here’s the important stuff. If you like a FIRM bed, this one isn’t for you. It is definitely soft and plush and gets even more so as time goes on. They are different than a pillow top standard spring mattress, if that’s what you’re used to. They are comfy yet supportive. I would recommend getting a minimum of 10” thick and I can’t say I noticed a huge difference between the 10” to 12” from a comfort standpoint but if you want the height for your bed, go 12”.  Some quick bed math: Standard total height for a bed (frame + box spring + mattress) to sit is around 25-27” overall. Anything in the 30” is more of an Antique bed height where you have to climb in and anything around 18”-20” is more platform-style. What totally works as a cheap fix is this 14” metal bed frame plus a 12” Best Price Mattress. Hide the ugly metal frame with a 14” bed skirt like THIS and some gripper shelf liner laid down to keep it from sliding. This is a Pinterest hack, yo.

I will be blogging some awesome headboards shortly and a hack for the best way to attach them! I love saving a bunch of money and getting just a great headboard plus a bedskirt is a great way to get a chic new look without the huge cost of a big clunky entire bed surround.


What to expect when you’re expecting (a bed): Your mattress will come all rolled up and vacuum packed in a rectangular box which makes it very easy to move into any house or apartment. Bring the box to your space, take your mattress out and then CAREFULLY cut the plastic off and watch it fluff up! Ideally let it fluff for 24-48 hours but I am the most impatient so I have totally slept on mine same-day and never had an issue. I do recommend also purchasing one of these inexpensive waterproof covers for it. No, not because I think you’re all going to tinkle in your bed, but because if you ever accidentally spill your morning coffee [raises hand] or maybe you had a few too many and you spilled your glass of wine [raises hand] or you went to chug water in the middle of the night and missed your mouth [just puts both hands up at this point] then you’re going to want to protect the memory foam from water damage.


Now if you want me to upgrade ya on the cheap all the way around, these Amazon Basics microfiber sheets are the most AFFORDABLE and comfy sheet out there. They feel silky and cool and are perf for the warmer months! I have a million sets of these for all my rental properties, too, and they really wash and wear well.

Now everyone go forth and upgrade your bedroom!

Fun + Floral + Flirty Dining Room (On a Budget!)

I've recently put some teaser photos out there of a project that I have been working on during July and I'm excited to finally be able to share some details with you all (including sources to purchase!) 

FullSizeRender (20).jpg

For some background, this summer was supposed to be full of some much-needed rest and relaxation in my favorite quaint New England town by the sea. Well, it's officially August 28th and I am fully admitting failure on that goal. Le sigh. However, it's largely for a good reason. Back at the end of June, just as Jason and I were getting up to Rockport, MA for the summer, an amazing opportunity came up for my business down in Charlottesville and I always prioritize my work goals over my self-care goals, so I said YES and have spent the summer working away on this latest project.

It's a 2,400 sq ft single-family home in the Ivy area of Charlottesville, VA and I needed to wall-to-wall furnish, decorate and fully equip it to host large groups via AirBnB. And it all had to get completed in about 35 days while I was mainly living in New England. Oh and on a major budget. Good thing I LOVE a good challenge! Time crunches and tight budgets are kind of my jam. 

The home's decor and furnishings are geared toward bachelorette parties, gal pal wine tour weekends, and weddings. I am sure the occasional bookings for UVa Alumni groups and families visiting the area, will also come through, but 90% of the rentals will come from groups of ladies, so it makes sense to cater the decor to that. Regardless of who is coming to stay, it's perfectly situated to enjoy all that Charlottesville has to offer being only 10 minutes to downtown and about 10 minutes to Pippin Hill Vineyard. Location, location, location!

roadway db 3.jpg

When I entered the house, the first thing that I noticed was that the layout was a bit choppier than your typical new construction. That's because the home was constructed on an existing foundation, which brought about some challenges. If groups of up to 14 are going to be in the space, it's necessary to maximize the space in each room to make it great for gathering in since it doesn't have an open layout and the living and dining rooms are more intimate in scale.

I decided to flip the layout around and put the dining room in a room that was clearly staged to be a formal living area. At first I thought this may be a risky move, but I am super pleased with the decision. 

The dining table ended up being a design compromise... a dompromise? That should be a new word. Basically, I needed something that extended to at least 115" to accommodate groups of 10-14 but wanted it to normally be around 90-96" when not extended since that's what looks best visually in the room. Now, many of you know that my business- which used to be called Reclaimed Goods- focused heavily on custom-designed furniture. Could I have teamed up with my builder to make a cool custom table with extension leaves? You betcha. Did we have the time to execute this properly, given the insane deadline? NOT A FREAKING CHANCE. I typically overextend myself as it is (extension dining table pun) so I didn't want to spend too much time on this when I can go back and revisit adding a custom table later when we have more time. So what was our budget-friendly, time-friendly solution? Enter: IKEA's STORNAS Extendable Dining Table for only $399

stornas dining table.JPG

Sometimes, you just have to go with functionality over style. This was one of those cases. In a world of unlimited design budgets and longer time frames, I know I would have gone the custom route. But luckily there are things like cute Kate Spade polka dot tablecloths to disguise the table and make it blend seamlessly with the room! 


FullSizeRender (19).jpg

So I found the tablecloth at HomeGoods (score) on clearance (double score) for only $22. Which certainly doesn't help you guys out if you want to purchase it online. So I did some digging and they do pop up randomly on eBay and Amazon, but you can shop the entire Charlotte Street dinnerware and table collection by Kate Spade on Bloomingdale's.

However, the coral polka dot one sold out on Bloomie's site as of yesterday- which *may* have been me buying several replacements- but they have a navy one that I am mildly obsessed with, and reversible runners and placemats in both colorways. So. Stinkin'. Cute.

My original vision was to have 3 bold patterns within the space - curtains, rug and then either upholstered pattern chairs or the tablecloth- and the rug was a really important way to bring another one of those patterns into the mix. I ended up purchasing this Safavieh brand 8x10 Dip Dye Watercolor Vintage Turquoise/Ivory Wool area rug and I could NOT BE HAPPIER with this purchase! The quality and color of it are amazing. I bought it on Overstock and paid somewhere around $300 after having a coupon.

Now, for the biggest question I keep getting- "Where are those curtains from?!" While I am working behind the scenes tirelessly to bring you guys a new curated selection of home decor that's purchasable online, I don't have it all together yet. When I do, I PROMISE I will feature amazing curtains and throw pillows because they are the easiest ways to jazz up a room! I searched high and low for the right fabric for this space. And with a million fabrics to choose from, this is where I spent the most time choosing the right thing for the room. The fabric was actually the first thing I picked for this space and then built the room out around it. I tend to do that with rooms- find one thing that I adore as my "inspo" piece, big or small, and build the whole room around it. 

The fabric is by P/Kaufmann and is called Eastern Charm Hibiscus. I found it on several sites, but Sailrite had it for the least cost per yard. Now at $23.95/yard, I am not saying this is cheap. But it also doesn't look cheap or feel cheap (literally the most buttery cotton fabric I have ever touched) and is still less expensive than buying custom curtains for $200/panel! I made them myself using iron-on hemming adhesive. For the record, I do not recommend this method in hindsight. I am going to get them sewn eventually. The fabric was too thick and it didn't hold perfectly. They look great in photos and from at least 5 feet away. Just don't get toooooo close, haha. This method has worked great in the past, but these puppies need to get officially sewn down the line.  I ordered 12 yards and the cost came to about $75 per curtain panel. 

Last but not least, the chairs! I found the 2 upholstered end chairs at my local Charlottesville HomeGoods for about $99/chair. I loved the brass ring pull detail on the back. Safavieh makes a nice, affordable ring pull detail upholstered chair that you can buy here on Overstock. Hardware on the backs of chairs is technically functional, as you can pull the chair out without getting your grubby little cheese plate appetizer-filled fingers all over the upholstery, but mainly we just think it looks good. But if you need to sell the idea to your husband, just say that's the reason for them. Fashion with function is always easier for them to digest, in my experience 


I found the other wooden chairs originally on Joss & Main/Wayfair and then continued to do my deep dive to find the least expensive alternative. Now, I am lucky because I have a Wayfair Business Account for design and trade and I was able to chat with my rep there to get a price match situation (shout out to Rusty at Wayfair!) But if you want these chairs, like, yesterday, click here or go to and search the Veronique series. They are only $61.99/chair!!! There are various styles, but I went with the Diamond back in Antique Fruitwood. They have colors and styles that would match with so many different decors and I just love how neat they are as an alternative to typical blah wood chairs! 


This brings the total for the room to about $1,700 for rug, fabric, curtain rods, tablecloth, 6 wood chairs, upholstered chairs, and dining table. So for the cost of a typical nice dining table, we got allllllllllll of that! Oh and an additional $15 for 2 ceramic blue french bulldogs from HomeGoods that were beyond necessary for completing the space on a mantle on the opposite wall as the window, about $30 for a gold mirror from Target, and some faux green apples in a glass bowl to tie the green from the curtains through the room which were both from HomeGoods for a total of $28.

Click here for a link to this flirty and fun house on Airbnb and stick around as we feature more rooms on the blog in the coming weeks! And, of course, if any of my WKNDR followers want to come WEEKEND in this new house, just reach out to me and I will give you the official "OH MY GOD, YOU FOLLOW ME?!" discount. Probably via the coupon code OHMYGODPEOPLEACTUALLYFOLLOWMYBUSINESSTHISISSOCOOL


Becky Seager

Tasteful Tropical Style

Here at WKNDR Design, we are huge fans of palm trees. Palm fronds. Banana leafs. Palm print. Anything that reminds me of being on an island vacay. What I like to call Tasteful Tropical style. This ain't your grandaddy's Hawaiian shirt. These are sophisticated tropical prints and they are taking over the design and fashion worlds, and I am not complaining.

My favorite marker for when things have hit "mainstream" is Target. Target continues to up their style game every year and they are a go-to for me for clothing and decor. And the palms are plentiful in Target right now, so that means this trend is super accessible to all and I just HAD to share with you my latest palm finds (including a few from Target) and several ways that I have incorporated it into my style and home.

But first, a brief history in this print so that you can be a knowledgeable designer and fashionista. There have been many iterations of it over the years, but the reason why the banana leaf palm print is synonymous with Hollywood glam/Hollywood Regency style is because it first popped up in hotels throughout California in the 30's and 40's. Dorothy Draper, who was an interior decorating goddess, came up with the print in 1937 for the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in Cali. She called the print Brazilliance, and it was, well, bright, tropical, and purely brilliant. 

 Dorothy Draper's iconic "Brazilliance" print

Dorothy Draper's iconic "Brazilliance" print

In 2009, one of Draper's proteges redecorated the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia and used the Brazilliance wallpaper in one of the areas. And the result was amazing. For all of you folks that are always nervous about mixing colors and patterns together, take note of this next photo. It CAN be done (this hallway blows my mind):

 Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia featuring Brazilliance wallpaper

Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia featuring Brazilliance wallpaper

Then in the 1940s, decorator Don Loper developed the iconic Martinique print to be used in the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is really where the banana leaf print became associated with the Hollywood Regency style and has continued to pop up in various hotels, restaurants, homes and fashion over the years. 

 The Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel

The Fountain Coffee Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Oh, and let's not forget about Blanche Devereaux's bedroom on Golden Girls. Okay, this room is a litttttttle too 1980s for my liking, but had to throw it in there since Blanche's character is my Golden Girls spirit animal. The primary difference between Draper's Brazilliance and Loper's Martinique is that Brazilliance uses bright emeralds and a stark white background while Martinique is a bit more moody, with olive greens and a brownish background. Personally, I prefer Draper's Brazilliance as I love bright pops of color. Also, Brazilliance has the sea grapes in the pattern and I think they are a fun addition. Blanche's room had the Martinique, which is probably why it looked oh-so 80s.



Now, how do you get this print into your home and life STAT? 

I love It is where I got our fabric for our curtains for our house in Charlottesville. I went with the Tommy Bahama Island Hopping Emerald because I liked the emerald greens and crisp whites, just like Draper's Brazilliance fabric. Maybe it's only a fraction of the 'cool' factor of Brazilliance, but it's also at a fraction of the cost at $9.45/yard. Oh and if you can't sew or are like me and want every DIY done IMMEDIATELY, just cut the fabric to length, grab your iron and ironing board, and just use the no-sew iron-on hemming tape to make the panels and use drapery clips to hang on rods. See the pics of how I used it in our living room and dining room!






I'm also a huge fan of the Isla Pink version of it, with the subtle pops of blue in the leaves. Browse through the Tommy Bahama selection on the site- you're sure to find a color scheme of this fabric that fits with your room's design!






Now that you have your home taken care of, it's time to chat fashion. I just got the Mossimo brand White Leaf Tote Bag from Target and I am LOVING it. It's like a little mini tropical vacay every time I wear it. Such a fun addition to your summer wardrobe. Oh an did I mention that it is $44.99?!? 




 My sexy new tote on a day date at Afton Mountain Vineyards! Yes way, Rose!

My sexy new tote on a day date at Afton Mountain Vineyards! Yes way, Rose!









While it comes with a tassel, I think It would be fun to tie a cute scarf in the loop to jazz it up and personalize it. Or, just get this scarf keychain from Anthropolgie and attach it to make it an even more unique bag.

Wanted to show you the outfit and this mirror selfie is the best we can get, folks. Also from Target is this awesome sleeveless chambray shirt by Who What Wear and at $22.99 I would totally recommend buying it in the 3 different colors (black, cream stripe and chambray) and for about $69 you will now have 3 new staples added to your wardrobe! It is made with Lyocell which is an eco-friendly, super lightweight fabric that is perfect for summertime. Seriously, this shirt feels like BUTTER. Shoes are the Mossimo Thong Sandals in Cognac (also at Target, shocker, and for only $15.99 PLUS all sandals are 30% off until 6/18/2017!!) and the necklace and sunglasses are Target finds from last year and the shorts are Bloomingdale's from many moons ago.




I also saw this Shore Halter One-Piece bathing suite on Target's site and for $39.99 I think everyone needs this great palm-inspired one-piece in their wardrobe this summer!







Could this post have continued on for at LEAST a million more words? You betcha. There are SO many amazing ways to incorporate the palm trend in your life. I would love to see how you all are using it in your design and style! Tag @WKNDRdesign on Instagram for a chance for your palm style to be featured! 

Cheers to the WKND! xo


Updating A Beach Cottage: A Love Story About White Paint

Hey friends! The past few weeks have been rather hectic. Between launching the new business, buying a new car, being determined to clean out our basement storage, me getting violently ill (my body is a wonderland) and getting ready to make a mini move to Rockport, MA for the summer...We have been just plain nuts! 

Oh yeah, annoucement: We will be splitting our time between Rockport and Charlottesville, VA this summer. People always say, "Isn't that a bit much, to worry about traveling back and forth?" Let me explain. Nothing beats New England in the summertime. Nothing. It is perfect. And Jason runs a national program training baseball and softball catchers and he is going on his 17th year of running his summer camps in New Hampshire, so now he is close by for that. And I am still taking on projects in both locations and can basically decide week to week where I need to be! Rockport for a few days, C'ville for a few days. Happiness for all of the days except for the ones spent in the car. So yes, it's a bit hectic, but in a really good way. We get to have the best of both worlds and I couldn't be more excited. And for the price of taking 2 weeks of vacay at a beach house, we can get an apartment for a whole summer. SCORE.

Which brings me to my point of where we are in Rockport. We came up here a few months ago to scout a place to live. But Rockport, like most summertime beach communities, has some pretty expensive rent prices for just a seasonal rental. I'm talkin' 3k+ a month if you want a small furnished one bedroom by the beach. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. But we happened to find a house that was subdivided into one bedroom apartments that was in our price range. Here's the catch: It isn't furnished. So most people may think it's crazy to furnish a place for only a few months, but I think it's genius. Because we were able to rent it for a fraction of the cost! We are just a few blocks from downtown and beaches. And luckily for me, I always have a small cottage worth of furniture sitting in storage at any given time. So I've got that going for me... 

So on Sunday we packed my new truck to the brim and drove our furnishings up over night to Rockport. We arrived here at 8:45am Monday morning, and spent the next hour unloading and then after that I had fully furnished and 90% decorated the apartment the following hour. I snapped a pic of part of the living room to send around to my gal pals and thought it would be fun to show you the before/after. Without further adieu, here are the before shots from the last tenant:

The homeowner decided to put a fresh coat of white paint on everything before we came in. And I love the difference that it makes. It is a first floor apartment and while I am impressed by the consistent glow of natural light that it gets throughout the day, it's certainly not a super sunny spot inside. So a great way to fix that is with fresh white paint. And I am loving these gorgeous wide plank heart pine floors and the beams. Such  cool rustic design details that have been maintained over the years. 

So how did we take this from grandma's antique apartment (no offense to all my grandmothers out there) to a cozy, beachy summertime cottage?



And here is our new living room! When in doubt, jute it out. Jute rugs are SO utilitarian, cost-effective and useful. The natural fiber is great for this space. And that sofa is my absolute favorite. I purchased it back in 2010 and it has been a total work horse. It's from the Harborside collection at Crate and Barrel. The slipcovers are totally washable and have taken a beating and rebounded. Like the time I tripped and spilled red wine all over the side of it a week after we got it. Came right out! The cushions are SOOOOO comfortable. Many of my gal pals have slept on it when visiting me over the years. It's big enough to comfortably sleep a 5'5 chick. Just ask Maranda, Stef, Melissa, etc (shout out to my couch-sleeping friends!) This is the 6th house/apartment it has been in since I got it. SIXTH. I wish my furniture could somehow accrue miles that I could cash in since I move it all so much. 

I also grabbed up the live-edge coffee table out of our living room in C'ville and brought it up here. A trip to HomeGoods got me these beachy throw pillows for a total of $50. The side table is chippy plant stand that I picked up for free years ago. Our landlord was kind enough to donate the bamboo chairs, mirror, and the lamps. I wasn't sure how the modern/glam gold lamps would work in the space, but we have 2 of them in here (another next to dining room) and they absolute work.  Normally I would have the sofa against the back wall, but it just didn't make sense in this long, rectangular space. So we cut the room up a bit and added that round glass table and bamboo chairs for a nice seating nook. Since we both work predominantly from home, now we each have a space to work on our laptops in the morning- someone over here and someone at the dining table.

 The mirror is West Elm and check out what it does to that formerly dark/dead wall! This side of the house doesn't have windows, so a great way to deal with any 'dead' zone in your home is to add a mirror to reflect natural light and also reflect the plants/trees outside. It helps to warm up the space and brighten it up. A well-placed mirror reflecting the natural light can do just as much as a task lamp for lighting a space during the daytime!

So, all-in-all, this is my recipe for updating a small rustic space:

1) White slipcovered apartment-sized sofas are great and washable. 

2) Natural fiber rug, leaving some of the charming original floors exposed.

3) Well-placed mirrors to reflect light

4) Natural blond/honey wood toned furnishings will help make the place look bright and cheery.

5) Canvas directors chairs would be a great, cheap seating addition to this room!

6) WHITE PAINT WHITE PAINT WHITE PAINT. Did I mention white paint? Yeah. White paint.

7) Add some plants and fresh flowers in to brighten the place up!

I will try and grab some more pics of the rest of the apartment over the coming week but this is what we got done in an hour yesterday! We had to take a break for lobsters from Roy Moore's and catching the sunset at Plum Cove Beach with a bottle of white wine since it was a gorgeous 90 degree day yesterday. Because, priorities.



DIY- Copper Pipe Curtain Rods (for $15!)

I wanted to kick off the blog with one of the quickest and easiest DIYs that I have ever done: Copper pipe curtain rods. I am notoriously impatient when it comes to decorating. If I have an idea, I wanted it done, like, yesterday. So anytime there's a Pinterest DIY that actually turns out great and takes little time and money, I am in. 

Now, curtain rods in general just make me angry. Why? Because if you're furnishing a whole house, you need a bunch of them and the costs just totally add up. $40 even for basic, crappy ones... multiply that by 15 windows and my bikini-clad bum could have been parked on a beach somewhere tropical for that price! 

I love copper and rose gold. I think the tone is such a fun metallic pop in spaces. I am the person that buys Moscow Mule mugs as decor. I don't *actually* drink out of them but they look purrrdy. Copper pipe curtain rods certainly aren't for every space, but they are super versatile. They can work well in everything from rustic farmhouse, to industrial, to contemporary, to boho chic, to modern/minimalist...and so much more! 

Another bonus? Copper plumbing pipes are super easy to find. Head to your local Lowe's or Home Depot and hit the plumbing section. And don't worry- they are used to these pipes being used more for home DIY projects than what their actual uses are. So don't be afraid to ask for help! The total cost of this DIY will range depending on the width of your rod and the diameter, but it should be somewhere around $15 or less per rod, plus a pipe cutter for $10-$20.

Step 1: Pick your copper pipe diameter. I usually use 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch but this is totally your preference based on the space they are going in. 

If you're doing just one window you can probably get away with a shorter length of rod. But if you're doing multiple windows, I recommend getting the 10' rods and then cutting them down to the sizes you need. But some quick math on cost and length should let you know what the best bang-for-your-buck is. You do want to allow for some overage on each end where the hangers and end caps will sit since your curtains will be hanging inside of that and they won't be able to slide all the way to the end. Oh and they are like $11 for 10 feet. Shut up and take my money.

Step 2: Grab a pipe cutter tool. They range in price from about $10-$20 for what you would need for the project. Just make sure the one you pick cuts the diameter of pipe that you selected. They are adjustable and fairly easy to use. Best bet if you're looking for direction is to look on YouTube for a video on how to cut a copper pipe. There are tons of 30 second tutorials showing that it's pretty simple. Beware: sometimes your freshly cut pipe will have sharp edges! That's why the end caps are clutch.

Step 3: Get some end caps. Just make sure that they are the the same diameter as the rod. So for a 1/2 inch rod get 2 half inch caps per curtain rod. These are usually in bins right next to the rods.

copper bell hanger.png

Step 4: Hanging hardware.  I prefer using these bell hangers, but you can pick something else. They are pretty simple to use and tighten with a screw around the rod.  I do recommend using a drywall anchor into the wall before screwing them in through the middle hole, but that's just me being overly technical and cautious. Tip: You can also use other hanging hardware and spray paint it copper.


Step 5: Buy Scotch-Brite scouring pads, Goof Off, and possibly ketchup or nail polish remover.  No, this isn't to make the most disgusting recipe in history. You want those super thin green scouring pads to scrub down the rods. They will have some writing on them and- the worst part- sticky sales tags. While I have found that the scouring pads are abrasive and leave some fine scratches, you cannot ever see them once they are hung on your wall. And then the ketchup afterwards will help buff them to a pretty shine. Some say nail polish remover does the trick, too, though I have never tried it. This part gets a bit messy, so make sure you're in a good area to do the scrubbing. (Scotch-Brite scouring pads not pictured)

Step 6: Pick some awesome curtains. You just saved a whole buncha money on your curtain rods. So maybe spend a few of those dolla dolla billz on curtains. Great curtains are EVERYTHING. They make or break a room in my opinion. I actually currently have some place-holder curtains in my house until I find the perfect fabric and even though they match the room, they depress me. Great curtains are integral to completing the design of a space. More on this in a future blog post! But my favorite, most economical basic curtains are the Cameron ones from Pottery Barn. The quality is great- they look and feel more expensive than they actually are. They are currently offered in gray, white, and off-white.

I used the Cameron drapes in Marshmallow with copper rods for the project below:



Step 7: Hang them! I can't give you too many pointers here since I usually ask for help from the muscles in my life...Also, these went up in February right after I had major surgery on my ankle so I had a cast with no weight bearing allowed and LOTS of pain killers. Ladders were not my friend. So I employed my man to assist. Pro tip: When asking a significant other to help, be sure to show them the HUNDREDS of dollars you're saving the family by going the DIY route!


So go forth and DIY! Feel free to comment with any questions and would LOVE to see your DIY. Email pics at or tag @wkndrdesign on Instagram!



Hello and Welcome to WKNDR!

Hellllllllo y'all. It's official. I'm blogging. You know that thing I have threatened to do for, like, ever but never could find the time to properly execute? Well, I have been setting things up for MONTHS to be able to do this and have been gathering together content and having little baby panic attacks about how much of my personal life to actually dive into on here. Despite my hesitations to get personal, I keep reverting back to the idea that I like to keep it real and my life motto is "Make Your Mess Your Message"... So, now you have something to look forward to, my mess. YAY! [screaming internally] My highs and lows will all be shared and throughout different posts I will take you on the journey of the past few years and how I got here.

So, What is WKNDR Design? And what exactly do I do? Head over to OUR STORY page for some more info on that, but here's a good recap:
My name is Becky Seager. At the end of 2014 and after about a decade in corporate America, I started a company called Reclaimed Goods in conjunction with my significant other at the time. We were designing custom pieces of furniture/decor and creating them for customers all across the country. Seeing as my boyfriend was the builder, this appeared to be a match made in heaven. Until... it wasn't anymore. I will probably get into this later in another blog post after a few glasses of wine, but for now I'm super sober so I am just going to leave it at that. So in 2016, I hit a crossroad. I either needed to continue the business all by myself after losing my builder aka boyfriend, or give up on my dream. Spolier Alert: I did WHATEVER it took to keep Reclaimed Goods and my dream alive (more on this later, too), and I am so glad I did. I have spent the past year and a half rebuilding the business on my own and I just completed one of my largest design and build projects to-date with the help of another extremely skilled builder. Yes, I am proud of myself and so happy to continue my 'dream job.' But now it's time for me to jump back into the deep end and take my business a direction that I always hoped it would go! 

For anyone interested, what Reclaimed Goods did will remain. Meaning, we are still taking on custom furniture projects. I have a huge passion for creating and assisting with building and finishing of pieces. I've traded in my stilettos for paint-stained sneakers and torn up tees, and I couldn't be happier. Plus, I think it's a cool added value to be able to create a custom piece for a client when designing a space. The "we" in this whole process refers to the skilled builders who help execute all of the awesome projects that we do. There's no "I" in woodworking...Wait, try again. There's no "I" in build... Nope, still not there. There's no "I" in Becky. Ah, yes. There we have it. It takes a village to keep me and my business going, and I am so pumped to share the expertise of my team with you all.

WKNDR Design is the combination of all of the things I love. So here is what WKNDR is and what we do, in a nutshell:

  • Design and decorating services.  I am not a licensed interior designer, but I do have a great eye, an insane amount of passion, a wealth of experience, and a fantastic team of skilled builders and renovators and we would love to help you out with your next project! We also do both commercial and residential and we are happy to travel for large-scale work. Our normal home bases are Charlottesville, VA and Rockport, MA, but we enjoy jetsetting. And your design project can be as small as decorating an entryway, picking the perfect furnishings for a living room, or as big as renovating a whole space. My goals when working with a client are simple- be cognizant of the budget and give realistic expectations, work together to develop a plan for the space that's focused on combining style and functionality, and make the end goal creating your happy place! The kind of place you would want to go on a getaway to spend a weekend in. Ahhhh, now you get it. This is where the name WKNDR comes into play.


  • AirBnB and vacation rental maximization. I have been a Superhost on AirBnB for 3+ years. For those of your who are unfamiliar with AirBnB, it is similar to VRBO and Homeaway and a fantastic community that I am proud to be a part of. Hosting has been a great source of supplemental income and also another full-time job. I have learned the ins-and-outs of how to appeal to your target rental market and maximize the space for the highest possible profit. My services for vacation rentals can be as simple as helping you redesign/decorate the space to increase bookings or as large scale as handing over the whole playbook on how to be a successful host and setting it all up for you. I have figured out every single detail on how to turn your home into a luxury boutique hotel for guests and am excited to share that with my clients! 


  • Lifetsyle | Travel | My Favorite Things - Now this is something I am super excited about. I will now have a platform to share all of my happy places and happy spaces with you all! Whether it's a new adorable doormat from Target, a place to visit or stay, a home decorating tip or DIY, I am pumped to have a blog to give you guys my thoughts. I spend W A Y  too much time researching all of this stuff and finding the best bang-for-my-buck everywhere I go, so please just let me do all the countless hours of research and then you can reap the benefits!


Over the next few weeks, I will be adding things to the site, probably getting an actual logo, blah blah blah- and doing a bunch of background stuff to hopefully enhance your experience when you pay a visit. I will be introducing you to my life, some of the people in it, the places I live, and some recent design projects and my favorite things. We will laugh. We will cry. We will design and decorate. We will weekend somewhere fun. We will keep it real and I will bring you on this journey in small business ownership as a #girlboss.

Thank you for stopping by, for the support, and I welcome feedback!